Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet lifeAnn Landers



Shelter tagged “house of the holy”
shelve full of guru books and rabbi’s theology
Home alter with melted wax, prayer beads
Even lotus legs, mantras and smell of burnt incense.

What is it that I really want ?
What would these intense re-breeding bring ?
God ?
Truth ?
Repair of man’s broken state ?
Has God gone so unavailable ?
That I must obsessively perform this rituals ?

All this routines makes me weary
Religion is fast taking the peace away
Should I be what you teach ?
Would you be the reason I carry a positive candour ?
Must I think like you to have a stand ?
Would you ease all the pain if I ‘just follow?’

Can your leash lead me through the golden gate?
Cos It’s making me feel isolated at the moment
It’s no longer fun as usual
Don’t you feel you are doing the ‘actus reus’
‘cos I feel fake and sick at the same time
My produce looks substandard
This ain’t the me I envisioned

You teach strength in humility
and joy in keenness
But your actions that of a hustler
I am tired of having the ‘meas rea’ as a heart
I was given One brain, One Soul, One spirit
Just like you
But you saw faults in mine
Which automatically made you my leader

I long for a friend
Not a spiritual godfather
I wish I had a gentle companion
Not a holy commander
I long to be sane again
Not this cage of “big gains”
I long to be stupid
And make those little mistakes
As it makes my growth a safe one

What happens if death comes
Bringing your empire to a premature collapse
That could happen for sure
As you are human indeed
Regardless the ‘facts’ hidden from our eyes

Weary grow I with your tough control
Leading me to a ocean
Full of can’ts
Leading me to a plateau
Of a ‘hidden’ and ‘wrathful’ god

I think I am growing more rebellious everyday
I am in search of realness
On a path of harsh realities
I am letting go of these man-made avenues to God
For I somehow discovered our creator is all around me
Within me
In you too
I want to be down to earth
And not ‘special’ as you want me to be

I am letting go of all rehearsed intelligence
Choosing to embracing stupidity
If within it lies
The way, The truth, The light

I sure won’t loose God
For everything he created
Represent him in a way
Even I
Who thought I was so unworthy
Is a complete manifestation of the divine.


© 2015 CelonaCharles



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