It is necessaryfor a man to go away by himselfto sit on a rockand ask,‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?Carl Sandburg


Little wonder why we ignore that part of us, that seeks answers, answers to questions that desperately need answers.

We choose to continually live on, without feeling any guilt whatsoever, as we suppress that voice that actually carries an unseen eye.

We keep suppressing even when we know, that the man behind the scene, has what it takes to give that smile, that smile that signals hope, with meaningful aspiration, for the future not seen.

Before I wrote this, I took 5 minute, practically looking into the mirror, looking for major differences between the man standing and staring, and the one looking back at me. *Don’t call me stupid please*

I just smiled at my silly at first, and then I wandered away, into deep thoughts, unusual though. 🙂

With a soul searching stare at the mirror, the thoughts of the past years came in one flash, and the temptation to start making evaluations and comparisons with the now, were really strong

But then, reflections were needed and with few flashbacks, there was space for reassurance and comfort in the fact that I had that peaceful, still voice speak back, to comfort a weary man.

Being human is one thing, having a back up voice, as a human is another different thing all together.

It’s funny how we have chosen to run the whole length of the journey with head knowledge, building a hub around rational and instant thoughts, those thoughts that, makes the journey a very slow one, and pretty much confusing.

All we have done most times is give instructions to that ‘mirror man’, that man, that speaks beyond the surface, instead of allowing him instruct us most times.

We go ahead to setting a time table for him, taking away reflections and corrections that position a man on path to greatness.

That 5 second smile we share with ourselves, when there is an insight or an inspiration, is as important as our existence itself, it’s the backbone to our always feeble stand on hope.

Bringing back the mirror man, is bringing back reflections and gift to deep thoughts, that ultimately brings back questions, that would one day lead us to where the answers are.

It’s time to pause, sit back, ignore the crowd and it’s rowdy mentality, from instant thoughts.

Gain back that space, that freedom and reason to reason along with higher power.

Give the mirror man a chance to say what he has to say.

Make lasting evaluations, from his subtle speeches. Bring realities from his words to your world.

Listen to him seriously before reloading that gun and shooting again.

You want to know what my mirror man told me lately ..Ok!! He said..

“Wipe your boots,
Head for the mountains,
Dodge the cliff edge,
Keep climbing with heads held high..For all your believing proves that we still have a good communication”

And I respect and trust the images from deep thoughts and reflections.

My mirror man is the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one that gave dust life, with his living breath. Someone usual from the unusual

Did I say too much?
My bad 🙂
Just raw opinions drawn from Harsh Realities, gotten on that road to greatness.

If you have any kind of acceptance, to this piece, if it did make any sense at all.. Do Share!



© CelonaCharles 2015


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