Stop Pretending Like You Have It All Figured Out

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Dream Big, Dream Often

I could have easily titled this post “How To Ask For Help,” but I wanted to be more forceful.  I found inspiration for this post sitting in the living room answering emails and comments from readers.  The very cool thing about the recent growth in the Dream Big community is that I wake up to lots of comments from our friends in England, Spain, Portugal, Asia, India, Nepal, Turkey, Poland, Russia, etc. that arrive as my little head lies on my pillow and I am in lala land!  Sorry that I left some countries out, but hopefully you get the point.

I know people that act like they know lots, about lots.  Meaning they have never found a conversation that they did not feel they could contribute; regardless of the topic or their actual knowledge.  One thing about a “know it all” is that he/she tends to be very closed-minded which limits their…

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