Traditions brings continuity to one’s existence, but this sort of continuity is precisely what has been increasingly lost
throughout modernityLars Fr. H. Svendsen


I got a tough question lately, from a very good friend, which actually kicked me hard, into land of flashbacks and rethinks.

I good friend recently asked, “what are your intentions with the ‘Celonarants™’ …to be truthful to me, and the little community I have on here, I would say; they were no spontaneous answers to his question.

Reasons I would tender a little apology, for not being “real to me” and the readers that have chosen to stay close to celona’s blog.

On a second thought, I think I have every right to expressions and let-outs, I mustn’t be tagged a “good writer” or a blogger with a goal. If I think I have something to say.

All I ask is an opportunity, to talk, to let-out real loud, as along I am not stepping on toes.

This platform seeks to merge expressions and reality, helping the growth process of this little community and I.

There are no set-out rules to what, we are all about, what the goals are, or what the end result would be and should be.

This is a group of high-minded individuals, high spirited, with intentions of being happy and choosing to grow like, humans with the mindset of gods.

I don’t think, as a team, we would owe any one, group, or institution, any apology, for doing what we love to do. We found a platform to letting out with all careless abandon, just allow us do it well.

This is our canvas, this is our studio, this is our rest place.
This could be called home …we choose to deliberately stay here and perform right. What we have to say here, does come out of desperation but out of love and loving still.

We choose  make every single minutes count, we have chosen to come to an understanding; that what we have to say, matters more than an opinion that pops up, only after we have spoken.

Please don’t take this away from us because you don’t feel what we feel.

Choose be that watcher on the sides, if you would not respect us.
Don’t distract please.

Hopefully we build this community into a resource base, where every human(regardless your colour, gender, religion social status,) gain and grow.

In love and light
In peace and mental growth

We have promised to continue doing what we love doing, motivate, inspire and connect …you won’t stop us now.




© 2015 CelonaCharles


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