She said, I shouldn’t use her name on the blog, which I had to respect.

Her words; “please don’t use my name on that post but I would love to be a source of inspiration to all struggling mothers.”

Her pains are real, and hits me hard. Mother of three, with no ‘real’ support, now she has got this leg issue to face..

My prayer goes out to, one of the strongest woman I have ever spoken to.

My prayer goes out to this mother of three, that would never abandon her kids if the world decides to cave in.

My prayer goes out to that lone survivor in Halifax, Nova-Scotia, who has chosen to go through a slow healing process, instead of contemplating suicide.

Hope you send out prayers for someone you love.


Glad she had a successful surgery, and on a long way to recovery …all I know is, if you keep staying strong, it all gets better.

Plenty love for you from Nigeria, hope my prayers connect you, real fast..

Keep living dear.



© 2015 CelonaCharles


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