Information highway
Informations beyond bonds
What we never expected is before us now
Higher education fixed into waves.

Knowledge above wisdom
Gossip and lies before truths
Because it wets our taste buds
Making us long for more
We settled for it.

Our necks enduring pains
From bending over gadgets and smartphones
Whose shrill tones has seized our mindset
Owning our priority over all.

Radio waves over radio waves
Bombard us with wishes.
Backbone of our aspirations
No one is talking about their harm


We are unrepentant slaves of technology
Where we look at photos of pretty
Instead of going outside to see the real thing.

Am I the only one
Who sees this insanity
Or am I a victim
Speaking out of guilt.

Don’t be the judge
Just do what you think is right.



© 2015 CelonaCharles



  1. Very nice post. a political/philosophical/robots-are-here message delivered in poetic style. Like big questions that lose no punch but are fun to inhale. No doubt whatsoever things were lost. In person interactions may have taken the biggest blow. Once while visiting my Nephew, he never looked up during entire visit, until I tried to read his text to see what in the world could be so interested as to not see his Uncle {big smile}. But I wonder, and I do not know the answer, if each generation loses something when gaining something else. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said Sire.
      I think if we deliberately choosing to loose something, we should be gaining something more in return.
      Mama nature really needs us and our quota to life.

      Thanks for sharing.


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