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Questioning long standing fundamentals

Questioning that exposé you got from religion
From mentors words hard and brash

Questioning your recent stand on happiness
For what you had known and cherished
Still brought pains and scars

Pains and scars holding you back
Holding back your songs
With intentions real low and not nice
Keeping you in bars
Sulking in pills and more bills
Withholding your reach for the stars
Squashing your imaginary inventions on mars

For your imaginary inventions on mars
You now decide to listen
Carefully and patiently with no chill
To those mentor’s word “hard and brash”
For he had the truths in his mouth
On how silly you have being

The fact that you had ability to laugh
But choose to RIP in sulk and mock and lack

Instead of choosing the light from smiles and cheers
That did cut your fright and scares in half
Changing that derogatory epithet to raise and rise


His words made you choose right
Made you settle for a smiling and happy face
One that’s always laughing
Spreading joy from here to that distant place

Now you realised you have being in a dumb space
Of ignoring your more perfect self and imperfect state

Your happiness now whispers from those closed gates
For when you laugh you seem to release her
Which makes tension seizes with ease

And what you get
Is freedom to let go of strain
With regained passion to live
Feeling refreshed and refilled
Added ability to cope with life’s hurdles again
With no dysfunctional strains
Mentor’s words were accepted.
With sights on “the less pain more gain”
For you agreed to his recipe of happiness.





© 2015 CelonaCharles


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