super merge

Why completely settle for the clouds
When brightly shines the stars
That puts light on your part
And gives company to heart with craving

Some saying “all the magic is gone”
Others say “great realities of our old world are passed”
But Hey!
The rainbow still lights up boldly
Even after the April showers

Why do you view this world as through a smoky glass
And go halfway meeting the woes
Choosing to allow the sunshine fade away
While you focus on the gloomy slide

That keeps you in that moody side
Making you less happier inside
Letting in unpleasant thing such as ignorance
Mar or take charge of your days

I am settled for a happy reality
Choosing to build a fountain in an ‘unhappy world’
Creating a world of love and greater sympathy

I settle for not just speeches of goodwill
But of kindness and greater generosity
Generosity keeping me from snake bites and poisonous inflictions
Of men blinded by the mirage of riches

Two divides in one world
Two existence exposing one clear reality
Choices laid out for all humanity to clearly see
Wisely choose a reality
“Tears” or “Cares”


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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