A constant gaze

From where I stand

To where I really want to be
Expectations breeding expectations
The search for rhythm
The search for ease
On a path that’s ever real and inept
A journey never to be relived

A stiff existence called my reality
An ever relaxed nerve to cover fears
Controlled emotions at the same time
Just to look sane
Who does he impress
Who do I win over
No truce expected from either lane
The sad tale of one African child

But still, in all
With all the height I seek to get to
With all the struggles he seems to absorb
Competitions all disregarded
For battles we choose to embrace
A fight to finish
A fight for life

Fear and regret
The two passengers I saw on deck
On the ship that sailed a long time ago
Patient the real excuse I gave
For passion and hardwork to gain grounds
I signed up for this
A fight to finish
A fight for life


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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