In reality they all lived in a kind of hieroglyphic world, where the real thing was never said or done or even thought, but only represented by a set of arbitrary signs…Edith Wharton

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Living in a society where the “thank you” and “how are you today” has gradually gone out of fashion.
I live in a generation where we have have completely lost those simple values, the courtesy and the good manners, all completely gone with the wind.

My focus with this post, is on the older generation that has really got a lot to teach the younger generation …Common this kids need some ass wiping information fellas.

I just feel with what I have noticed lately …and not doing the “holier than thou” …but choosing to say it as it is, I would just lay it out as it I think it should be said.

My opinion by the way …No pleas to making this part of your lifestyle, you could choose it if you want to.

Good etiquette should be brought back into the fold, as almost all communities are fast building up their success story around good networking and meeting new people almost everyday.

…well in order to catch up with the trends of the this ‘very civilised people’, we need to bring back courtesy and well polished manners back to the society that is loosing it real fast.

Improving and building on skills that make a man recognised is all tied around the ability to have an open mind, accepting people as they are …for its necessary to meet and connect with lots of people, as I feel the advantages are really huge.

Who knows,you may be a handshake away from someone who can help you connect to a life changing career or events that make you see life from an easy point of view.

Let’s look at the pretty odd and good ways of interacting and networking.

Starting with the pretty odd practices.

If you really want to be be a part of a winning few, it would be a great idea to find out more about others, get involved with their person, more than tall too much about yourself.

I know that awkward feeling I get being around someone who only talks about what they do and like and not giving chance to hearing my own story.
Connecting with people is a two way street …it’s not only about oneself, it’s mainly tied around conversations and discussion not a ‘holy sermon’

Networking is just like any other relationship, it’s healthier when it’s a win win situation for both parties involved.

When you enter a networking relationship and all you do is ask for favours and make the other person expect nothing in return, you will find out that the ones that were real close would get pissed with your presence.

Most times when you go into networking or casual interactions with people you feel love to be around you, keep all your credentials where eyes can see.
Climb down that high steps and choose to act as equals.
Humility has gone a long way to winning many tough financial and administrative battles.

Now to the few practices I feel we should keep real close …and if you choose, fix them into your interactions and style of networking.

A handshake has being the most appropriate way to greet others in a co-operate and interactive setting but we could as well add a few spices to handshakes like; maintaining a “not too furious” eye contacts and not looking away, while greeting others, the hugs and kisses for those you are real familiar with, would always be appreciated …even if you don’t think so.

When you start the process of networking and trying to meet new people,you would find yourself meeting a lot of people ‘seemingly strange’, that give you every indication that they never want to be forgotten . It’s quite easy to forget names but be very mindful of individual that held you spell bound with their conversations …those ones want to be remembered..

You gonna break a heart if you can remember moments of really strong conversations.

This seems stupid to talk about. I know

But I feel one of the best ways to build safe relationships is to ask questions you would gladly accept smiles anytime.
You do not have to ask personal questions and don’t invite personal questions as well.
Everyone loves keeping personal life issues to themselves but if you would choose to ask, act like you are not genuinely interested.

Stay away from controversial topics like politics, religion and Sex.
Yeah I said Sex.

If you do not stay in touch with your newly made networks, then your are likely to forget them and vice versa.
Call occasionally or send a mail to find out how they are doing and not just when you want something.
If you are on a social media, send birthday messages or get well texts.
Just put at the back of your head long lasting connections are not just twitter followers but those real life relationships.
© 2015 CelonaCharles


5 thoughts on “GOOD ETIQUETTE

  1. I love your strong views. In society, we often become too internalised that we forget the fundamentals of forming and sustaining relationships. Love that you’ve hit it on the nose 🙂


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