Would Christ be the perfect running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari, A Known Islamic Power House ?


I understood, then, where his madness had come from: He, too, had experienced the loss of the good and the victory of the evil..Douglas Clegg

Once more I dabble into talking deeper issues, concerning the hidden event behind the scene of the political arena of my beloved country Nigeria.


I live in a country where the biggest opposition to the Ruling party, lead by an islamic strong hold has chosen to use the body of Christ as a work-tool …what I really don’t understand is how Christians have become so so gullible, choosing to play along …whilst the intelligent few sit on the fence and choose to watch in silence, to maintain a ‘safe’ spot.

I somehow understand those who believe that ministers of the gospel of christ should be devoid of an opinion on political issues …not to talk about being a major player on the political arena

…as I sank into this thought, I was lead to a very deep question which might cause little qualms but I stand on the realness of my rought.

QUESTION:Would Christ be the perfect running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari, A Know Islamic Power House ?

In the last presidential elections, Buhari who contested under the umbrella of the CPC, choose a well respected man of God as a running mate, there were less noise because most of us knew Goodluck Jonathan would turnout to be president of the country …and we could all see he had something great working for him, with his steady rise to the top.

Buhari has done it again, dipping his hands into the christian quarters and picking another ‘man of God’ with so much ease, in a period where we have a worldwide threat from the Islamic state (Isis),knowing their agenda and how closely related their stand is to the sharia law-something Buhari strongly believes in and holds strongly.

Do we fold our hands as Christians and watch Tunde Bakare come out and openly queue behind Buhari, using the Bible to support his stand, making a mockery of us in the face of Islam.

In the same trend Osibanjo comes out to tell us “all would be well” if he is elected as a vice to this same Muslim even with the eminent threat from the south south boys, knowing what they could do.

This is not a case of which one do I believe? It is case of which one do I understand …I seem not to understand this two fellows at all because you cannot believe or accept what you have not understood.

To the extent I understand the bible …when a huge multitude from the BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS come up against an opposition, we know that there has being a sensitization in the spirit about the direction they should follow.

John the Baptist words to Herod were precise.
Nathan’s words to king David were clear, not minding David’s stand with God.
Samuel words to Saul,did not cut corners.
Isaiah did not have an option, than using clear-cut words to Hezekiah …the list goes on and on

…my point being that, a good leader in the christian fold as this two claim to be, should be standing against any rule or opposition that directly or indirectly threatens the stay of Christians and puts God away from our polity in anyway. Instead of lining up behind an Islamic strong hold.

Buhari no doubts remains the preferred candidate of the Jihadist and Haramites of this beloved country Nigeria.

What baffles me is, why he goes on to look for a christian appendage to hide his Jihadist-garment all the time …the bad thing for us is that he seems to always find very willing ‘ambitious’ allies amongst some Men of God and Christians as well all the time.

He did it the first time and was humiliated at the polls as we expected. Now he is at it again, repeating the same ideology his Muslim brothers who gives him serious backings, strongly feels would work, by picking another politically irrelevant “Tinubu-errand boy” as a running mate.

Despite all this attempts, Nigerians should know and understand that Buhari has being endorsed several times by the Boko Haram Jihadists.It would please you to know that Buhari’s antecedents lay credence to the fact that states “one time Jihadist, will always remain a Jihadist!”


Let’s not forget in a hurry, how it’s only a blood thirsty man, that would incite his country men to an untoward violence through speeches like the famous “Blood Of Baboons” speech..

In conclusion I would say, Christ, the saviour of the world would never give his spirit to men that settles for juicy meat thrown to them by outsiders.

The General is either playing on the sentiments Of Nigerians who are deliberately being ignorant and confused or the accusations of “intellectual-porosity” by his colleagues in the military school might just be on point..

Can we please open that eyes a little bit wider now??



© CelonaCharles 2015


9 thoughts on “Would Christ be the perfect running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari, A Known Islamic Power House ?

  1. Homie at least u can agree that buhari is a dedicated Muslim but u can’t say the same for Jonathan! A church goer doesn’t make u a good Christian! Besides we were all created by one God…we call him God…they call him Allah! And believe me the Muslims creating havoc r Muslim extremist! That being said Buhari v regards for democracy n for Christians that’s y he has been adopting respected men of God*
    Let him Be

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  2. The first question i have for you is how many Muslim do you think would ever openly tell you their leader is just a mosque goer?
    Brother man, it’s left to us to open our eyes and see things from other deeper perspectives, not just follow a crowd clamouring for a man that has the complete backing of all Jihadist and Haramites..
    It’s funny how Muslims understands this simple facts and we ‘christains’ just pursue only what we see and hear..
    Have you not heard Buhari hold his grounds for Sharia law,that subjugates women and fights freedom of speech..
    Hope we would not be having this discussions in hidden places as a result of our choices

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  3. No one would bother if it was shedding their own blood, but it’s shedding their own blood and the blood of innocent people.. sorry I won’t do that, I carry too much love in me for the next man, that why I would spend my time sensitising wise people not to fall under the trap of a glorified muslim,that has lived his whole life obeying the quran,that completely supports Jihad.


  4. Our Problem lies beyond Ethnicity n Religion but our main issue is Corruption! which has eaten deep into Jonathan’s regime and PDP#We need Change… I hope u read Fayose’s advert on the national newspaper!Stomach infrastructure minister #PDP stinks broda

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  5. Which of the corruption,has directly affected you man?
    Talk about the reforms that’s have affected you directly like agriculture and good roads etc..
    If the corruption you talking about is in oil sector, my man it has being like that from the beginning.


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