When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way~Paulo Coelho

Lately, I have spent real serious time doing some real serious flashbacks as the year comes to an end..

I have being asking myself a few rhetorics, on what the true essence of living is, in a world that needs so much love and help than I have being giving myself lately.


No doubt, I have being brash and inconsiderate with all incisive edge of my words and intelligence that has given a perfect definition to ‘selfish’ and ‘pride’, with a trailer load of egocentric rebuttals.

Sitting back and making revaluations to the kind of friends I have harboured for a long time now, what we have really done together as a group for years now, is enjoy the fury of routine appraisal of inconsiderate attitude with no inquisition to where that road leads to..


We have enjoyed a roaming intellect searching for more acquisitions, totally ignoring the very little things nature has dropped before us …which are much more important and could actually relocate a stupid and numb mindset to that of bliss and total peace.

This little things we have ignored for a long while are the reason we have missed out on joy and tranquillity.

Those little things ignored are what exposes us to the insecurities of the neighbours next door, who craves for our attention and a little moment of hearty talk.

In all, My declaration of imperfection is this point where I have choosen to be completely imperfect.

I am that individual who makes huge, silly mistakes and is sometimes wrong, one who would choose not to wipe off futuristic mistakes from the sands of time, as I want every step to be a learning process and space for instructions from what I did not do right.

There would be no promises to keep a clean sheet though because the chances to being imperfect opens me to learning new stuffs.

It’s important I state that no one human is happy with that single fact that he makes mistakes but accepting it, is key to growth and maturity.

I would also boldly state that we should neither be scared of making mistakes nor admitting to faults.

We should choose to learn from mistakes and pay close attention to the instructions that comes from wrong roads taken.

I have chosen to take my imperfections as concrete experience and not condemning emotions.

When I spot a mistake, I correct myself respectively. As I become better and wiser, I won’t make the same silly mistakes as usual as often.

Our mistakes or imperfections, which ever you choose to tag them should be real to us and always recognised.

Our goal should be a continual improvement, not instinctive pressure and denial.

Instead of concentrating on mistakes made, let’s channel our attention to putting a smile on the face of every living thing around Us

Though showing love and care won’t stop us from making more mistakes in the future but getting involved with other and showing interest in their affairs only reduces the chances of making life threatening mistakes.


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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