the merciful

Human I still am
Trying to create new amazing euphorias
I opened doors to new phobias
Taking the leash off untamed demons
Unsurmountable cautions
Disregarding with no remorse
Feeling I gained ground
Still the pain grew enormous
With no reasons in sight
I just knew I wasn’t getting famous
Were we born sick
Or just plenty expectations
Even as nature basket licks

A human I still am
Drinking sweat of almost all existing intellect
With other mortal’s disapproval,
I did purposely neglect
Individual-self filled with loads,
Of external obligation
Making me succumb to more burdens
Ex terminating possibilities of soul peace
Increased fixation on life heavy laden
Defining my real stay hardened
Almost loosing my place
That intricate piece humanity offered

Human we still are
Your choice not mine
On representing odd realities
Of Sir Valentine love sign
Holding hands in reassurance of secrecy
You choose to hang them on a line
That point I noted real fine
We did put each other’s fire
In cages of heart
Becoming beacons of bad times
Showing each other,
Nothing but total nights

Human I am still
Open to change’s hope
Investment in wisdom of heart
After I saw sure truth’s scope
On how little things really mattered
In the pew of churches
Or in houses of strangers
Dropping little mustard seeds
Towards contribution of earth’s peace
Only then I am clean
Becoming nature’s true mouth piece



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