Art of fact
Fact from act

Headaches from self inflicted dilemmas
Same experiences of familiar roots
Pride and guidance or cloak and dagger
For fighting outside perceived truths
On purpose for avoiding misery
with huge sense of mystery

Twas a journey with no fun
We both watched the dawn
Make inroads through our lawn
Erasing nights dark residue
Serene beyond compare
But low attitude of endurance for dew
Patience was last ingredient needed
Before we become,
Masters of a million craft
Servants for genuine pact

With an alternative eye
And intuitive mind
I watched you choose pastures on mountain
Ignoring temporary low points
Of the grasses and valleys
Forming strange religion
Fostering new part-way of rebellion
Refining even classy confusion

Your racing heart
Up,high and about
Without a single doubt
Found new dreams in its embrace
With glowing pools of blue
You did describe with no clue
Made you stick to your folly
Like church rat on glue

Fact from act
Art of fact
You lost your heart
Choosing fights outside perception

For as the sun stood,
At the helm of animated skies
The fascinating heavenly realm
Held hints to paradises
You choose to gamble with
Like the game with dices
Forgetting opportunity is crisis
Point of view
Makes differences




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