MB™ ̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́®_867992

I live that feeling too
Sure comes with period,
Trapped in your own world
Claustrophobia of the skull
Inner adverts to peril,
With fears of partway imagined,
Change might not reveal just yet
Sulky in same rueful way it comes
With loads of dizzy last-hour reprieves

Wait a minute
Why make curses forbidden,
For realities not hidden
What image were you made in
Providence if you will
Cos only being above your will,
Is God himself
Praise bounteous on wheel
With tenderness encapsulated drive
For we all got dreams
And sure rights to chase them

Must that which urges to break
Be the movement which seals fate
Hunger and drive with steel
Which is first rule to seal
Makes you Smart Rich and Smarter still

Come travelling along with me
So much to do and much to see
Why choose exposure to weakness
So engraved deep inside of you
Trying to fix what creator,
Already put his paint brush on
Insanity that is
Not fate
I tell you so mate

Now to your fears you stay so loyal
Holding its values you so cherish
Takes you a lone road to perish
With optimism see best of all world’s ahead
That which pessimist fear is true
Then you can travel anywhere
A special place you love alot
Becomes your favourite spot
It’s only just a thought away
A place to eat
A place to sleep
Would be another memory to keep



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