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For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

What did I commit this time
Your questions comes hard
Tough and sincere in its cruel ways
Innocency questioning back in amazement
Such ornamental torture you bare
Surely no arguments for
The next hour
I would be occupant of
That space behind the bars

Sunlight pushed out of heart
Should I question my right
Or give in to this spite
His regalia now matching his faith
Putting on an insincere smile
The future had no say in my fate
Fate stood right there beside me
While Mothers hands grasped over head
Sights now on occupants
Peeping through shadows
Gullably mocking the new member
Like laughing at a mirror

If gods climbed out of sun
Would you listen
To my innocence plea
So proud of your cages
A dented mindset
Made you so sure of yourself
Smug in the self justification
That a criminals voice
Mattered less than dogs shit

Up on your cross
Same ornamental torture
Sincerity would inevitably grip your image soon
Clutched in its hands
Years to come
Your version will be the only one heard
When history no longer says a word
I wish you took to cognisance
On how transition would always testify

Soon your tough prisons
Would be short fences
We might have lost Anne frank
To your stiff ignorance
Just know I witnessed
The drunken nights of Mandela’s songs
To the inspired moments of Malala’s memoir
The same ones you despised
Now captured on t-shirt
Of your little girls
Now tell me
For how long would you sell your lies?



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