Happy beginnings
Happy endings
You and I sincere want

Race to greatness caving
Our tenderness in
With patches here or there
Recognition to reality set ablaze
To no autumn cheer of appraise
Nor fluttering past that amaze
Exactly how I remembered him talk
On how I wanted life so

My questions still asked
From affirmation dusted
Settled but untested
About what colour we would weave
In the great tapestry of life
A plain golden thread of happiness
In bronze and platinum array
Or instance from the past gone
Infused into patterns unseen
That vouched for our ‘Now’ and ‘Next’

In the great tapestry of life
What imprint on portrait
Do we love to leave
When mind full of money
But heart feeling empty
Oh! Maybe I am made of crimson
Or even purple or white
Artistry forbidden to proclaim
30th october
Exactly how I remembered me talk
On how you wanted life so

Does life need every colour
To keep the patterns bright
With more temptations for materialism
Blinded by prank elevations
That last a few

Do we banish “hopeless dreams”
Firm and not fading
Even after winter’s rain and stormy blast
Or start afresh on happier themes
That steadfastness might achieve

Sinners and winners
With appreciation and benedictions
Brought you and I
To that abrupt conclusion
That roses are red for sure
But those violets were never blue
Remembering a few watching our lifes
To definition of what’s really important
I beg to impress..




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