Moments and Magic
I did love to create too
A few that existed for preferred elites
Ages even before grandpa
That one that instructed pa too
That held doctrines of
The more you give
The more you get
The more you laugh
The less you fret
The more you do unselfish
The more you live abundantly
It told a little more I think

The more of everything you share
The more you will always have to spare

It’s self explicit as it teaches further
And carried the magic of serene
Dejavu’s of holy fathers of the ADs
Dejured in all ways I still seek to understand

Entities of ‘holy’ communion?
Having complete definition to
“Moments of magic”
Defining existence of perfect being
Holding further gospel of

The more you love
The more you will find easy
That life is good and friend are kind
For only what we give away
Enriches us from day to day
Putting conclusion in heart of creator

He then says to you
Nature revolved but you advanced




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