New definitions for hollow
Amazing heights wanted
Times really gaining new meaning
Myself and I
Caught up in the mix too
Slender apologies tendered

Cohabiting with an entity
Born almost an island
We tend to envy the unknown
Trying to emulate sure imperfections
That which was never given
Plodding and grinning what pushes
To further loss I did conclude
For what purpose actually

Can you get a grip
Maybe we were given specifics parts
That leads to expected destination
Flaws completely appreciated
When given isle is taken
As there is room for improvements
Before the summer of new assignment
Originality bring deserved thickness
We never had and
Always longed for

He sat down to devalue
The journey thus far
He said to me in complete trust
Can I avoid inevitability
Inspired by fear and an impaired judgement

Spotting his actions that spoke
Louder than voices would
With the realism of truths I said
You tend to prefer that
Simple existence here and there
Where third party expectations
Experiences brash suffocation

Preferring communion of soul and body
A total representation of
‘avoiding the inevitable’
Not choosing your own tunnel vision lane
Locked out keys to wisdom outside

After plenty questions asked
And most answered
He still acted
Like he had that
Perfect laid out script
Before the journey began
Disregarding the plain fact
Experiences could be accumulated mistakes



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