Achebe said!
Adichie says further!!
Understanding now preached unfairness
They dispatched togetherness
Killed priceless happiness

That heavy beard man
Slow and hungry-eyed
Belly filled with senseless greed
Combined with brash selfishness
Ignited catastrophe on
Fore father who always considerate
In his way knew only obedience

Now shedding renewed tears
Tender in its way
Not requesting a rematch
For that long gone relative
Who thought he saw a new beginning

Sitting here in complete conviction
That bird of death
From evil forest of soviet technology
Should not have glided eastward
Aburi offered a truce I heard
But greed and selfishness
Stayed back in their shores
Waiting to feast of human flesh

Did you conquer
Did he deliver promises made
You unleashed terror on us
With air heavy with odour of diarrhoea
Of unwashed children with washed-out ribs
Imagined family reunions
At noon taken away on eve of 1969
No portrait on my wall
Of cordial hand shakes at dawn

You were uneducated and influenced
He breed pride in his bossom
Did you conquer
Did he deliver promises made

Would there be re occurrences
In our time it won’t come again
But flipping pages
Moving pictures brought to bare
I feel the pain anew
Taking in acrid smell of crazy power hunt
Injustice from both sides
There were no winners no heros


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