We are completely lost
Ageing real fast
Your pursuit determining his pursuit
Floating away in complete acceptance
Of society negligence
Feasting on insecurities
Offered by clowns
Sounding very articulate

I think I want something different
From this point on
Preferring to do the ‘odds’
Watching the sun slip down the sky
And sink out of sight
I would watch the ever-deepening dusk
Fast fading into the night

It might sound odd
And far from the regular
Can we pay attention to mama nature
The trees stand out in silhouette
Against the evening sky
A lonesome bird speeds on its way
Towards the point where the sun set
I hear it’s plaintive cry

A quite peace would steal over all
It would be the hour of rest
I tell you
Allowing nothing to move or stir
It’s this same peace
That reaches out for burrows hedges and nests
It’s like the animals understands better

They are building us into senseless robots
Clearly achieving their goals
As the shades of evening falls
And shadows dance and play
Mama nature is fast coming to a conclusion
Mama nature would
Give a kind benediction
To those that would choose differently
It would soon be the end of the day
What would be the gains
Peace or the most powerful currency
Do we end the senseless struggle
Do we



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