Your very own land brought
To utter concentration
Mouth watering actions
Lead by more distractions
Don’t get carried away by those soft words
Hypnotised you did be for the rest of your life
Baring that honest tragic truths
The lies even in the bowels of the ‘righteous’
Is that you feel you were right

Flirting with the same tune
Sixty Nine hundred of thousands
In their masses
Marching to that same public cake
Or towards change
I see what you wished to do
A part share its stance
With the darkside of the moon
Not made to see it but
Imaginations painted clear pictures

Overdosed on their words that you
Could not even sleep talk
Making you loose dreams cognitivity
Violation of emotions
Your heart would fall completely
Hopeful imaginations breeds perfection

Admiting to crimes never committed
Hands stretched backward and cuffed
A guilt that springs indebtedness in them
Making our existence imprinted over time
We let them fantasize chuffedly
On their cold static journey
We let them know
Behind every helpless motions
Is a scared child’s eyes
Begging to own Malala’s rites



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