After hiding it a long while
At a point it comes to the surface
He was two years past 93
He looked as though he was
Going to pass away last night
Tonight I was with him
There was no recognising me in his eyes
Forgetting who I was time and time again
In a conversation that had not begun
Five times I did kiss that delicate brow
So he did shut up

Enjoying his stare in a locked gaze
The joy that gently danced
In his eyes as he looked unknowingly
With that younger and slightly different version
Brought a huge mixed feeling
It meant warmth at first
Second was thee wicked part of reality
Which I dwelled on for a while
We knew deep down
Our soul knew each other well

He made me laugh
I made him smile
He said how nice
It was just to hear that
Special someone laugh near him
Grandpa was now 95
Was glad he still understood
The true essence of love

Yesterday I was with mum
We were walking to church
She dragged on slowly behind me
I heard her sneeze
Twas long I heard that sound
For what felt like years
I felt I was a little boy in that moment
I would not even look to check
I wasn’t going to agree
With her age tag at that moment

She sneezed again and I remembered
Long cold nights
After ‘tales by moon light’
We had come this far together
What would it look like on the morrow
Time is such a crazy mystery
Feeling tendernesses of life tonight
The cold truth in a question drops
Would I watch this go



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