Like a field of driven snow
I was reckless with everything
Conclusion I just made
Wrong footprint clearly brought to light
Caution set to the wind
On this particular one
I was reckless in the before dawn

I hear about the “good old days”
And venture to reflect
The basis of this well worn phrase
Answers returned sounds like “empty”
Precious time I did let go
Gains much in retrospect
History often tends to be

“She was a good person”
Considerate and kind
It was meant to stay forever
Throwing sympathetic light
On days left far behind
With a godly reflection

It’s all for the good am sure
Lessons am sure I leant turnt
From times tough in many ways
Twas protected like an egg
After I broke the first
Now I feel I was given only two
The future now looking bleak
Wages would soon be low
She would miss that too
“good old days”

Ok I feel am pressing for the new
So that I may say
In years so long ago
While memoirs can take us back
To memories days
Just like yesterday
To sparkling days of youth
Sometimes this nostalgic track
Diverts us from the truth sometimes
Although the “good old days”
Are worthy of some praise
I wish we heard a little more
Bout the “Good News Days”



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