Striving to stand my ground I try
Realities pressing harder
Permit my flaws I beg thee
Imperfection tortures I bear
Human to an extent I am
Out with the new
In with the old

Harvest days are far gone
Nights are drawing real cold

There is a threat to humanity

A rigid smell of dryness in the air

Years are growing older
The end becoming younger
Leaves are gently falling
Mother nature crys in pain
Her beauty diminishes

Birds have ceased to sing
Only the crows are calling
As the walls of Gaza caves in

Hurrying along
Squirrels are hoarding corns
Doves watches in dismay
For its a long lost course
Pandemonium at its peak

Destruction breeding severe confusion
Wild geese are becoming noisy
Overhead at night

Far to the north
Refuge turns catastrophic
Don’t let their light deceive
Maintain your ground

That winter time is almost here
Permit my fears I beg
Those dreams might not come true
I beg to be preserved
Do I say we stay at peace



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