Continuity and Togetherness
They have always preached
Just remember we still here

We on a journey
Morning clearly the destination
We have always wanted a world
Different from the regular
Sometimes it seems strange

We ponder
If the marked points are wrong
Or should the signs change

A journey on a train
Morning clearly the destination
Through the meadows
Filled with assuring
Sunflowers and buttercups
And a valley dark with rain

It’s still a journey
Morning clearly the destination
The driver always knows the route
Sometimes there are tunnels
Obscuring all the views
Temporary it sure is

But when once more
We reach the light
The world would look fresh and new
Don’t turn up the volume
Of excitement prematurely

Just enjoy the sounds and sights
Enjoy the landscape on the way
Regrets would ruin our fun
One way ticket is all we needed

Now we here
For the mixed spectacles in view
Don’t miss a single moment of the trip
The train is gath’ring speed
We would have
That next huge turn soon

Positivism we were taught
The journey begun from home
We headed for what is ours
Morning clearly the destination
Our eyes are set in pure anticipation
For the sure dawn of hope..



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