That very moment I felt like coming real
With tidings so pleasing yet untold
Twas my instinct I would trust at first
Completely sure self could win all fights

Thinking true and through
A little luck A little pluck
In moments so demanding
Only grace brings that through
In a flash of total conviction

I’m not always quite as good natured
As I like to pretend I am
Yet on candle’s cheerful light
Scattering all gloom of night
I stand firm on new decisions made

Acknowledgement not total at this moments surface
Persistence for the right still
A little hope A little scope
For help and more understanding
In times of false pursuit

I am not always tender and patient
Or gentle and sweet as a lamb
But I could stand pretty sure
Potentials well fed
Breeds character celebrated

Grace my only chance I know
To being noticed by a holy few
A little grit A little bit
Of tact and toleration
Might have being my definition
My term for pursuit of happiness

I don’t always have good reason
For how insisting I want things be
Hope will come shining through
For grace is now a point of view
Lighting up the way for us
Glowing through the darkest days

Then am sure at that imagined end
I did say thank you
For staging a stay so constant
I did also say
Thank you for bearing with me

Beaming like a leading light
Until once more the way becomes bright
A little piece Of each can now cease
A lot of that aggravation

Am sure I would smile more then
For my little cease My little peace
I did look for a name for her
I called her my Grace Flush

We both called her Our Flush Of Grace!



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