Bring calm to moments plea
Taking you through a quick journey
Journey by Ears and Mind
A trip that’s worth it’s every step

Gone are the long interesting sermons
I bring you into a new kind of experience
Be warned!!
It’s not a theatre though
We could drop all the theatrics please

Choosing ‘natural’ and ‘real’
Catch the moment as it flies
Not with the eyes I plea
But with the ears and mind
Catch the moments as it happens

It’s just like seeing the sky on starlit evening
Touching the petals of a rose
Can we please drop the theatrics
And get natural and real with what is said

It’s a whole new experience
It’s like hearing the pop of roasting cashew nuts
Fine cobwebs on a foggy morning
Washing on a windy sunny day
Sunshine on a polished table

Now you get the picture I guess
It’s magical in their ways
It’s an experience gotten
When ears and mind are open
No time to stop and wonder
Catch the moment lest it dies

Such enchantment
May be fleeing real quick
The chance is now
Brief as autumn butterflies
Gone are the long
Bright summer days

Soon trees will shed their leaves
And colder winds will blow
Bringing tantrum of ills and chill
That winter might take time to turn to spring

It’s that very moment
That very day
That very month
That very year
What ears and mind took in comes to bare

Let it be said
The journey through the pasture of life
Was an experience over experiences



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