It’s two hours past midnight
Completely wide awake
But set aback
I now found myself
Doing the abnormal
I was praying

Praying for something
Something close to Grace and perfection
I clearly did not know what I wanted
Or how to reach for it

Asking to be spoken to
It’s not the usual me
This was something special
Something totally from the rear
Do I name it that Joy Of Salvation?

It would be a wide wild guess
Was about to ask
For something more

Close to that next minute
A still quiet voice came
“Patience and growth”
Did that just happen
Did that make complete sense

Still asking what that meant
I paused
Opened my eyes
Twas a different me now
Like a mirror set before me
I saw the huge difference
That still quiet voice spoke again:

Your chin was made for keeping up
Your hand for holding up
Your upper lip for keeping firm
When all your luck seems gone
Your head was made for holding high
Your heels for digging in

Then I had that funny smile
I had gotten too excited
I have always had what it took to win

Interrupting His speech did I achieve
I wanted Him to speak more
He said nothing else
Alas what I just got was intriguing
Like early morning dew

With this kind of anatomy
Creator endowed me with
I am in the race to win
He had said it all
I was born to win.



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