3rd Of October


It is 8:23pm, 3rd October
All route blocked
An unusual traffic had hit Ikorodu
I wondered what had happened
It occurred to me at that next minute

It was the eve of Eid-El-Kabir
I smiled
That nostalgic feeling had come
The usual stereotypical event would happen

They would totally act the holy part
They would become total saints
Door to Door
Shop to Shop
They would give away meat
That puts teeth at edge
From excessive chewing

At that point
I felt Achebe’s uncertainties too
How long are we gonna stay this way

As a young person
Has the perspective of my world benefited
I think from this dichotomy
I wasn’t questioning
From the view of a literate
Which way was right
Or better

I was simply more interested
In finding out the essence
The true meaning and definition
The world view of my religion
And this religion that celebrated
Without judging
But scrutinising deeply

A treasure trove now opened up to me
There were periods of escilliting faith
As I grow older
Periods of doubts

I slightly pondered
And deep questioned
The absolutist teaching
Or interpretation of my faith
There were moments of struggles
With the certitude of Christianity

“I am the way,the truth and the life”
Not its accuracy
But the desolation
The acerbic feeling of its meaning
The lack of option for the outsider

But at this point
I really feel I have actually chosen
Am sure I have chosen
That’s all that made serious sense to me
Would wish you choose rightly too??



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