He has always being perceptive
And thoughtful;
It was he who intervened
With calm reason
Whenever me and a certain friend,
Argued back then

In his changed persona
In his need to defend
Against imagined slight
I saw a great personal unhappiness
For the rest of the conversation
With him

I unknowingly exposed
His defensive spurts
As though he has come
Determined to battle my firm ground
On representing my own person

He liked me as an individual
But my inner sense puts his soul at rage
He laughs at times
But the bag below his eyes
Betrayed the picture he painted
He did cry alot

He wished sometimes
Extinction could hit man
So he fades away
Someday he is funny
Others,he is totally odd
Sometimes on overdrive
Other days he can’t stop

He may like me
But that’s okay
Because this is me Sire
And how I will stay

I share in the companion
Of both Peace and Joy
Peace first,Joy follows
I see your joy when together we did be
And then I ask
Where is your peace in my absence?

Then it dawned on me
‘Is a man not justified in feeling inferior,when he seeks to cover it up with arrogance,ignorance and insolence’
Question for the gods!
MR GANDOLF_y__236534


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